Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Word of The Year

Can you believe that it is 2013?  Being that it is January 1, it is time for New Year Resolutions.  We all make them.... and how many of us are making a resolution to lose weight, eat right, or something along those lines.  What surprises me, well it really shouldn't is that 80% of New Year Resolutions are abandoned.  
I remember when I went to the gym, and I hated January and February   It was always crowded.  But come the end of February to the beginning of March, it was back to a the few true people who wanted to be there.  Now I don't have to worry about that simply because I workout in my basement.  That has made my life so much easier.  
So I have decided that instead of making a resolution, mostly because 2012 started me on a new lifestyle- and that includes eating healthier and making sure to exercise regularly; I am going to choose a word of the year.  As I was thinking of what word would define 2013 many words have come to mind.  First I thought of the word commitment.  That is a great word.  It defines all of my goals for 2013, but the more that I thought about the word I knew that there had to be a better word for me.
Another word that came to me was moderation.  One of the biggest lessons I have had was that you can enjoy anything in moderation.  It helps me to move forward. I feel that this journey that I am on is very obtainable.  There is moderation in everything good and everything bad.  However it just does not seem like the word I want to base my entire year on.
I have prayed about this.  I want to make sure that the word that I select is a word that will help me to reach all of my goals, and surpass them.  I want a word that is going to make 2013 simply amazing for me.  This is not a light decision, it is something that I knew I am going to have to really have to reflect on, and that is exactly what I did.  
The more that I thought about my goals, and realized that there are so many goals that I have not even thought of yet, Determination came to mind.  I know that to take my goals that I started in 2012 and the ones that I will add in 2013 I am going to need determination.  When I think of determination I think of someone who keeps going towards there goals, no matter what.  
Here is to a great 2013 - and Determination!!!
What is your word of the year?

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