Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cleveland Marathon 2012

Wow I can't believe that Sunday was the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon.  This past weekend was so much fun.  Over all I have to say I was very pleased with the event.  I wish we could have combine the weather from 2011 and 2012, and that would have been perfect.  But as we all know weather is out of our control.  As the Boy Scouts Motto says, Be Prepared.  As a runner you know that you have to be prepared for everything.  I chose to run this year for Autism  I am honored to have done that, and I still need your help.  Please consider donating to this cause.

Anyways time to review the race:)  Friday I headed to the expo.  I had lots of fun there.  I liked that there was plenty of space to move around and to see all of the different vendors.  I loved the fact that Rite Aid had the booth where you could test everything from allergies, to cholesterol.  Of course I got in line.  I was so pleased to see my numbers.  I love that everything low and that I am healthy.  I know that my Shakeology is part of the reason for that:)  I also decided that I needed to get my picture taken with Charlie...
If only I looked that good after finishing a race:)
I love the shirts this year, and I can't wait to wear it!!!
Great front!!!

Love that it has a back design
Saturday evening I picked up Lisa, and we stayed in a hotel the night before. I love this, however I don't like the hotel we picked.  Lesson learned, next year choosing a different one!  Then we headed out to meet Jodi, Deb, Missy, Kim, and Dave for a pasta dinner.  We went to Peppers, and it was amazing.  I love the food.  I felt like I simply couldn't stop shoving it in.  So yummy!!!  After a great conversation, lots of laughs, we headed back to the hotel to settle in for the night.

Sunday started early.  We got up, drank our coffee and ate breakfast then headed down to the start line.
Lisa and I getting Ready to Run!

 Lisa and I said our good lucks, she headed to the 10K line up and I headed to find the girls, after a quick bathroom break)
If your a Browns fan you know how awesome this is
I love that we got to use the Stadium bathrooms, and that the lines moved so quickly.  After I found the girls it was time to move.  I realized quickly that it was going to be hot and that I needed to run smart.  I still had a goal of a PR, but knew that a smart run was more important.  I felt strong as I ran, but as the humidity set in I slowed myself down a bit!  I wanted to stay with the girls, but fell back a bit. 

The first 6 miles were hot but not back.  Then as we started heading up the hill by the Animal Shelter, it was very hot.  I had found Kim on the course by that time, so I decided to walk up it with her, like most of the runners around us were doing.  As we were going up we saw a man pass out.  That was a real eyeopener.  It made me realize just how hot it was and how I needed to run safe.  I made sure that I stopped at each water stop, and drank.  I also made sure that my water bottles were full so between I would be prepared.  The volunteers on the course were very organized and kept the runners going, even when there was congestion.  I am so grateful for that.

Towards the end I decided that I just needed to kick it in an go, so that is exactly what I did.  I saw the finish, and I put it all out there.  I finished strong and I felt good about it.  My official time was 2:09.
I am proud of this.  I was off of a PR by 3 minutes.  That is ok by me because more importantly I ran a smart race.  

My Medal for OAR.  This is my favorite one by far

The Cleveland Marathon 2012 Half Marathon Medal!

The Special Medal I got from Lisa
Hearing all of the sirens and seeing the different runners coming to the aid of those who were ill on the course was amazing.  I can say that the volunteers were wonderful for such a hot day.  The signs were so funny too.  Thank you Cleveland for another great race, and a wonderfully different way to see our beautiful city!!!  I look forward to next year!  

Suck It Up Cupcake And Move It!


  1. OMG Jenn...Congrats on the PR, that's amazing! So happy for you! Hope you will run Cle again next year too!

  2. How amazing to see that your level of fitness is so great that even on a challenging day like this you were so close to your PR! Congrats girl and well done being smart out there.

    Also, those shirts rock!!!


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