Monday, April 9, 2012

Strength Training and Running Training

As a runner I thought the most important part of running was getting out there and getting as many miles under my belt as possible.  Yes this is so important. you need to build up your miles so that as you are running a race you are mentally and physically prepared as possible.  However one of the lessons I have recently learned is that this is not the be all of training for a half Marathon or full marathon, or honestly any race for that matter.  

I recently accepted a Beachbody Challenge.  I am finishing up my last week of my 2nd month.  First I am seeing that I am becoming stronger, and that is important.  However my running is becoming stronger.  Each day as I get up and do my ChaLEAN Extreme I am pushing my body to build muscle.  This muscle is helping me to become a stronger runner.  Not only am I making my body lean, I am helping my legs build different muscles than used in running.  

I challenge everyone to not only focus on the running part of the training plan but to also focus on the cross training and strength training as well.  You need muscles in all parts of your legs, and the muscles in your arms are just as important as the ones in your legs.

For me I have noticed in the past 2 months my runs have been stronger than ever before.  I am more consistent with my pace and able to push myself farther than I thought I could.  I have also noticed that my pace so much faster than I thought I could be.  I know that I am not speedy, but for me my runs are so much stronger than I ever hoped that they could be.  

I chose to add a video to help me build my strength, but there are so many different ways to do that.  Do what works best for you so that when it comes to race day you are strong and ready to go.  I am looking forward to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon because that is where I am going to put all of this training and hard work to the test.  I know that finishing a half marathon is possible, but can I break my current PR?  That is the question that I am asking myself.  I know that I am putting down every step possible to make it the best run ever!

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