Monday, April 2, 2012

Building a Base

One of the biggest mistakes last year was that I wanted to jump in head first and start running.  Always wanting to challenge myself and to see just how far I  could go.  By no means is this bad, however I pushed myself way to far.  It is so easy to forget that as we get stronger and start to build up our miles that we need to stop and focus on our base.

This time around I did things a bit differently.  I know that technically you only need 12 weeks to train for a half marathon, but I started my training for the Rite Aide Cleveland Marathon with 20 weeks to train.  I knew that I was running the half, however I also knew that I wanted to build up a solid base so that I can become a stronger runner.

At week 12 friends and I headed out to Gross Ile Michigan to run the OutRun CF Half Marathon.  This just simply gave me a base for the Cleveland Marathon, it also gave me the confidence that I will successfully complete the Cleveland Marathon.  Now with about 7 weeks left to train, I am continuing to build up my miles, work on hills and speed.  I took the time to focus on my form and simply to build up the amount of miles that I needed to have to successfully run a half marathon.

I know as a runner I am always looking for a new PR, more miles to run a different way to challenge myself.  But sometimes we need to take that step back and focus on something that is just as important and that is taking the time to make our running foundation strong.  This will help us to keep injuries at a minimum.  The stronger our base is the better we will be when it comes to the challenging runs.

I know with 7 weeks left I am ready to run, but now is the time to fine tune my running so that I am stronger and faster.  Now is the time to continue to build my confidence and become the runner that I know in my heart I am

Suck It Up Cupcake and Keep Moving!

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