Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I just realized that it has been a while since I blogged, so yes I am slapping my hand, LOL.  But life got a bit crazy the past couple of weeks.  I have so much that I am thinking, but with this nice weather that we are experiencing, I feel pressed to stress the importance of hydration.  The reason this comes to mind for me is due to my run today.  First of all 82 degrees on March 21, wow, and that makes our bodies sweat more, and need more fluid.

Today on my run, I found that while I do drink a lot of water normally, that with this warmer weather I need to really be conscience of it.  I found while I had a strong pace ( which I had no clue until I finished ) I was very thirsty.  I even broke my last 2 miles down to run 1/2 mile then drink a few sips.  That way I was forcing myself to stop and drink, and not just finish running to be finished. Keeping hydrated just being outside is important, but while training it it extra important.

Hydration starts first thing in the morning.  We need to get up and drink water. It is best to set a goal, drink so many glasses by 10, so many more by noon.  It sounds silly but we have a training plan so that we are strong enough to run the race, why would we not have a hydration and nutrition plan as well.  It is also important to not just think 6 - 8 glasses of water a day.  You need to consider your weight, your height, how much caffeine you drink and the amount of exercise you are doing.

The more hydrated you are the easier your run will be.  It is the same with your complexion, your skin will look better.  You will feel better.  Your mind will work better.  And we have all heard of the athletes that have passed out or passed away from running.  Most of the time it is because they are either dehydrated or they are not taking in enough salt to help there body absorb the water they are drinking - but that is an entirely different topic and possibly blog entry.

While I know that the weather may not stay this warm, it might get a bit cooler, but we all know that summer is just around the corner, making sure that we have enough water in our system is so important.  How much have you drank today?  What are you goals.  For me at first I was not sure what kind of hydration goals I should set, but there are apps for the iPhone that can be used, or you can talk to your doctor to see exactly how much you should drink.  But stay safe.

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  1. The difference can be extreme. Yesterday, just running a normal 5 miler was much more challenging without any water break during. It starts in my thighs, which begin to feel very "heavy." Now that I am taking longer runs (in training) I have been distressed to deal with a) the warmer temps combined with b) municipal water fountains have not been turned on for summer yet.


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