Saturday, February 11, 2012

Down With The Sickness

This week has been more difficult than most.  My entire family got sick, including myself.  The lovely stomach bug that has been going around made this week difficult when it comes to running, and having energy to do my exercises.

My oldest relaxing on the couch
Sleeping Peacefully
So Sunday was my long run.  This was a difficult run, since for some reason I thought that running the long run up hill for the first 3 of 6 miles was a good idea.  But I pushed through and felt great when I was done.  I was so tired from this run that I did not end up doing my 10 minute trainer for the day.  Tuesday was difficult run because I was putting pressure on myself, and forgot that running should fun.  I needed a run like that to remind me.

Wednesday was when the bug hit, but I still made it out for my run.  I needed it to focus a bit.  I knew that it was not going to be a speedy run, but just a run to get the blood flowing.  Thursday I made it out for my run.  With problems from my garmin - user error ( I forgot to restart it after I stopped it for a second)  So I had to guess what mile I was at.  I was starting to feel a little ill, but thought nothing of it, until later when the bug hit me.

Since I was sick I took Friday off.  Today I went to see my trainer.  I gave all I had during the workout.  I know that it was not perfect, but I gave it all.  Since I knew that I was still recovering I decided to not do the 10 minute trainer, just to play it safe.  

My Pretty Nails :)
I was excited that I decided to paint my nails also.  I never paint them, so this was fun.  I am learning to put more fun in my life:)  I also made no excuses this week.  I may have held back a bit, but I still got out there and moved it.  Never give up, never make excuses.  I know I deserve it, and there are going to be difficult at times, but in the end it will be worth it.

Enough Said

Suck It Up Cupcake and Move it.

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