Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekly Summary Saturday

Today marks the end of the first week of training for the Cleveland Half Marathon.  Yes I am quite aware I don't need this much time to train for a half marathon, but it is my plan.  I have decided to start now.  My plan is do to the Hal Higdon Novice 1 training for the first 12 weeks to focus on getting up to the miles again.  The last 8 weeks I am going to focus on speed.

Tuesday was supposed to be my first day of training, and of course I messed that up.  I misjudged time so I did not have the opportunity to get out and do my miles.  I was more conscience of the rest of the week.

Wednesday I ran at my gym.  I am getting used to the indoor track.  I also learned that when running inside to wear shorts, or lighter clothes, man I was hot.  I also realized that someone in my gym took a bath in, I mean was wearing a strong perfume.

Thursday I ran 3 around my neighborhood.  That was fun I mean interesting because remembering how to run on the snow, ice and dry cement mix was not easy, but I did it.  It was a perfect day to get out and run.

Friday was beautiful here in Cleveland.  It was 55 degrees in January and sunny.  So while a rest day was on tap, I choose to go for a walk with my sis and the kids.

Mr Squirrel that was watching us on the walk
I finished up my week with my trainer.  It was the perfect way to end a good week.  She always comes up with some creative things to do to keep your heart rate up and moving, while toning your body.  I know that this will be the perfect compliment to my training.

I am ready for next week, and continuing to build my endurance, shrink my waist line and mentally get prepared to accomplish all of my goals.

Suck it Up Cupcake and move it!

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  1. Love the squirrel! I am doing Hal too. But for the marathon. Scared to death. Did the half last year....good luck with running and cupcakes!!


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