Saturday, January 21, 2012

Three Weeks and Counting

Wow I can not believe that three weeks are under my belt.  It seems like just yesterday I was deciding to get back into this running thing.  I have to admit this January has been so much easier to run in than last January.  We have had some unusual temperatures for Cleveland, and I really don't mind that at all.  This past week was interesting to say the least.  I had a flash back to training last year - yep the dreaded Shin Splints!  I noticed them after my long run on Sunday.  This instantly scared me because I knew how that turned out last time.  So I decided to make sure that I am smart this time.  First thing I did was go get new shoes, which I love.  The second thing I did was Google shin splints for ideas on how to help them.  Finally I posted on a few Facebook boards for help.  I knew that I would get the answers I was looking for that way.  

With the new shoes I was told I could return them within a week, only if I ran inside.  Of course I had no problem do this, so I headed up to Bally's to run on the track.  Tuesday I simply focused on a easy run and to see how I felt.  It was not bad, but I still had a bit of pain, but much better than Sunday.  Wednesday I started to concentrate on how I ran.  As suggested to me I was heal striking, and that is probably one of my biggest problems.  That lead me to search for running form. I read many articles and then also watched videos to see proper form.  I never knew just how technical correct running form was.  That lead to Thursday's run, where I really worked on having better form.

Working on form is difficult, I quickly found out that as soon as I started to fatigue that my form was harder to maintain, which makes sense.  I also had a difficulty to find a good lean that would allow me to come down on the balls of my feet evenly and ease down onto the rest of my foot.  I quickly learned by trying to stick out my chest that I was able to get into a good lean and it made running easier.  

I continue to take an anti-inflammatory twice a day.  I ice for 20 minutes when ever it is possible.  I work on flexing my foot and tracing the alphabet with my foot to work on this.  At work I put on compression socks.  These steps are really helping, and I can feel a difference.  I am going to continue to look into other things that will make the difference in my shins.  I am glad that I know what I am looking for now, and I can focus on treating it.  I know that being smart will keep me moving and feeling good.  

Monday was supposed to be strength.  Being that I was in pain, I decided to focus on stretching.  It felt great.  Friday was another wonderful rest day.  I am learning to appreciate the rest days. It is a nice break and keeps me going strong.  I finished off my week with my wonderful trainer.  As much as I did not want to move this week, I knew that I would feel great.  I am glad that I went and got the extra motivation that I needed to keep this week going.  

I weighed in on Friday and gained 3.2 lbs.  I knew that was going to happen due to stress eating.    I am not going to let that get me down.  I am going to focus more on my eating this week.  I know that there are going to be up and down weeks, but learning from the "bad" weeks is the most important step!

Suck It Up Cupcake and Move It!

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