Thursday, January 19, 2012

3 Things Thursday

1-  Form...  Yep I have bad form, I guess that the shin splints after the marathon should have clued me in on that.  After the pain that I had on Sunday I reached out for help, and it was suggested that I heal strike.  I googled it, payed attention to my next run and sure enough that was the case.  I have done some research on what correct form is and I am setting out to correct it.  I know eventually I will need someone to help coach me to do this correctly, but until that point I am working hard to make sure that I am running correctly.  The nice thing is that I am working on building up my mileage, so running slower to focus on the form works for me.  When I am starting to work on speed then I will have the correct form down I hope.

2-  Winter?  I am wondering is Cleveland finally getting winter weather?  We actually have some snow.  So far this winter has been very mild.  I have not really had to dress warmly for a run yet.  I continue to over dress for these runs.   It will be interesting to see if we are really getting winter weather, or if this is going to come and go like it has in the past....
Last January - Cold!

This year - nice...

3-  New Shoes!  Yep I got new shoes.  I was in Brooks and loved them, but they were not supporting my feet as well as I needed.  As I run I go flat footed so I needed more support.  I switched to Asics.  So far I love them.  They are the support I need.  I feel with the combination of the shoes and working on my form, I will become a stronger runner.  

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