Sunday, June 19, 2011

MIA - Well Not really

I feel like have not blogged in ages.  There have been many reasons for that.  First this week, while the first week of summer starts another crazy season for me.  My kids don't sleep in (yet I am sure that it will happen soon, and then I will be complaining because all they do is sleep) so we are up early.  School year this is not a problem, and luckily this week it was a good thing for us as well. 

My oldest son is in Summer School.  Yep I am the mean mom that signs her son up for summer school.  Mostly this is to help him become better in reading.  To make a long story short - he has a speech delay that which makes it difficult for him to sound out some words; going to summer school, will help him to continue to learn and improve in reading.  They also work on math, and he loves math. 

I also taught Vacation Bible School.  I normally work with 8th graders or preschoolers, but I had the 1st grade class.  These students will be entering into second grade next school year.  They were so cute, and sharing my love of my faith with them is so rewarding to me.  Seeing them enjoy everything, and love singing all of the songs we sang, and doing the crafts was so cute.

So that was my week, busy, but manageable.  Some other personal things came up which added some extra worries and time through out the week, so that made getting to the computer difficult, and blogging impossible.  That and honestly I have not been able to do much in the work out field at all, so I did not have much to say. 

I did weigh myself in on Tuesday and I lost 4 lbs.  I am not sure  how I did that but I did.  I would say that was from mostly drinking water and being more conscience of what I was eating.  I decided to start making sure that I was tracking what I was eating.  I knew that stress eating has been a big problem, and was afraid that would happen once again causing me to leave One-derland, which I did not want to do.

Come Wednesday I started feeling under the weather.  I thought it was just from allergies.  Well it kept getting worse, and then I started spiking a fever.  By Friday, when I got home I could not breathe, my eyes were watering, and my ears hurt so bad.  I could not swallow either.  So I headed to the doctor, turns out I had a sever sinus infection.  Now I am on medication, and finally starting to feel better.  Today is the first day since Thursday that I have been able to really eat solid foods.  I had some here and there, but with tons of pain. 

So that bring me to today.  I am feeling much better.  Knock on wood I can walk around with out pain on my leg.  I am hoping that this is a good sign.  I also know how important it is to take it easy so I am going to do that.  My goal for the week coming up is simple - now that I am starting to eat again to track what I am eating.  I also want to make sure that I blog on Wednesday about my weigh in.  Finally I want to start walking.  I know that walking is the first steps I need to take to get closer to running.  So I am going to go for a half mile walk tomorrow.  I will stay confident that I will feel great and have good news to report back.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Nice To Know Someone Is Listening

I can't believe that it is almost a month since I ran the Marathon.  What an experience.  I can remember finishing, thinking that there was no way I would ever do that again.  I don't think too many people, but I could be wrong, finish a marathon and immediately start thinking about the next one.  I guess that would be unless you love that distance. 

Have you noticed that as time passes you can remember things that were missed when you first though back.  I know that I wrote my race recap, but things a month later look a bit different, then when you are in the middle of running, or right after you are done.  I had the opportunity to sit down with Jack and Ralph Staph with the other Official Marathon Bloggers and talk about the race.  What a unique experience.  It is nice to talk about the good points and things that we would like to see changed. 

The experience of having a voice, and voicing my concerns is important.  Feeling like I am being heard is a great feeling.  Today I felt like my concerns were heard, and taken into consideration.  This is what makes the Cleveland Marathon different from other Marathons.  As a runner, I have the opportunity to communicate with people from that Marathon, and they hear us.  Not only do they have a Facebook page, they also have a presence on Twitter, where they run contests, reply to questions and forward out interesting information.  They also will send out emails with great information on them.

I am excited because I have decided that I am going to run the Cleveland Marathon or half marathon next year.  Being still unable to run, I have not decided which I want to tackle.  Either way I am going to love the experience.  I am looking forward to seeing just what happens as the time comes along for next years race, and what changes are made, because lets face it there are always changes! 

Fun Times Friday

This week has been my son's last week of school.  He had so much fun on his field day.  I think watching all of the smiling faces of the kids made me have so much fun.

Can you think of a better way to end the school year?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday - Weight Gain

I was right with my last post that I would gain weight.  Unfortunately I gained 4.4 lbs.

There is a few things I have learned about myself in this weight loss journey.  First I have had an issue when it comes to stress.  When I get stressed or depressed I start to eat.  This I have known, but I have not been able to fix.  Well I should not say that, I have been able to go run to fix it, and since I am not able to run I just picked up the food.

I am thankful for a few reasons - first I did not go back over 200 lbs.  I was able to stop myself a few times.  I am disappointed with myself because I just stopped tracking what I was eating.  That seems to be another key to my success I need to track what I am eating.

Many of the stresses I had this week are ongoing, and I will be able to fix them, eventually, but I know it will take time.  I am starting to control my eating and I am forcing myself to track again.  I know that I need to stay on program.  So I had a bad week I can keep going.

Here is to a week that I can stay positive!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Week

This week has been an interesting week when it comes to weeks for me.  Where to start, I think I might have just stayed in bed all week.  I learned a lot this week, and stress ate a ton (I am sure that weigh in Wednesday will show that one:().  I am starting fresh tomorrow.  I am still having pain in my leg, meaning no running yet, after going to the doctor it will be another 3 - 4 weeks before I will be running.  Not the plan I had in mind after the Marathon, but healing in most important right now. 

I joined a new gym, and this is allowing me to swim now.  Being a swimmer since I was young through high school (while I loved it, just not at the level to be a college swimmer) being in the water felt natural to me.  I never realized just how much I missed it until I was able to get back into the water.  I have been swimming at least 3 days a week for an hour.  What a great feeling.  Counting laps - yea I am not the best at especially as my mind starts wandering but that is ok.

I also am adding in some cycling (not the biggest fan, but it is something to do) and weight training (I want Red's guns - have you seen them? LOL)  I know that even though I am not running, that these activities will help me when it comes to running.  I am hoping when I stop stress eating that it will help continue with my weight loss.  I also started taking Yoga classes.  Simply amazing, if you have not tried them, I recommend you do.  I feel strong and centered when I am done.

Other than that I am working on staying positive.  I never realized how much an injury not only sucks, but it also plays tricks with your head.  I am working hard to over come these tricks.  Some days are better than others.  I feel stronger and much more able to handle what comes my way, other days, well I will leave it to that.

Today was the first race that I had planned to run since the Marathon.  I volunteered with the CWRRC, so I was able to be there.  I loved supporting my friends too.
Loving the Croc Shoe!
Of course I did get in some pictures (and like any girl I hate the way I look in the picture - Look at the beauties in this picture) but I don't have those pictures:)

Gotta Love LULA!
And my favorite was cheering the girls in.  I got to see Jodi place 3rd in her age group, and she had strep so that makes me even more proud of her.  She has some amazing determination!
Jodi Making her way to the finish
She looks so strong as she was making her way in.
Jodi and Her Trophy
 This was an amazing race.  Twice I realized that I am not as slow as I think I am.  I come in the first have of the middle of the pack when I run.  That is an amazing discovery for me.  Second I realized that I have a love of running - to watch, to support, and to actually run.  I know that this is all going to make me a stronger runner.  I can't wait to get back on the road and run, but in the mean time, I am finding myself along the way.  I am finding as sport that I missed so much, and I am becoming a better athlete.

Friday, June 3, 2011


This past weekend I went to spectate my first race.  So much fun to watch all of the runners come in.  I won't lie, I wish I was out there, but it was a great experience, and I appreciate everyone running, and spectating so much more.

My Poor Attempt for a sign
I have decided that I need to work on my sign making ability:)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

That is the awful scale.  Most of us fear it, and I am no exception.

I have been successful with my weight loss so far, and then I stopped tracking, and left Weight Watchers.  Oops, bad mistake on my part.  So I decided after the marathon to go back.  So with my head held down for gaining 30 lbs I walked back into a meeting. 

Successes of The Week:
  1. I kept exercising, even though I can not run.  I started swimming again.
  2. I thought before putting food into my mouth.
  3. I drank more water.
  4. I ate more fruits and vegetables
Failures of The Week:
  1. Memorial Day weekend - many bbq's and not making the best choices
  2. Bridal Shower sweet treats tempting me
  3. Did not track at all this weekend
Official Weight in:
Down 3.6 lbs, not bad for my first week, and having a holiday weekend.

Lesson Learned:

By making mostly good choices, you can have bad days, but as long as good days out number the bad ones you will be successful.
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