Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finding The Strength

The past couple of weeks I have learned so much.  I feel bad for not sharing what I have learned in my blog, so here it goes.  I love when you find out information that you just need to share.  It is like the money that is burning in your pocket - you know the money you just need to head to the store right now to spend.  I just have had to find the time to share it.

  1. Your mind controls everything.  Yep I said it, and it is so true.  I experienced this so many times in my life, but this is no exception.  I have found that when you think you can not take a step farther, or push up that weight one more time, you can.  You just need to believe in yourself and you will do it.  
  2. Protein is so important.  I never realized how much I was lacking until now. I am still learning more about protein as we speak.
  3. Sugar is a drug.  Yep I said it.  The days that I can start off with out any sugar I do great.  As soon as I get that first taste of sugar watch out, it is like a switch was active in my brain saying must eat more.
  4. Core work is hard, yet so very important.  I realized how much we all ignore working on our core, yet it is what stabilizes us and lets face it, we need to give it some love.
  5. Be honest with yourself.  When you "forget" what you eat, you keep eating.  When you track it, I mean write it down, or record it some where, something happens, you think before putting it into your mouth.  
Alright so that is nothing new or spectacular.  We all knew that.  However there is something special when it hits you and you are able to take that knowledge and really let it set in.

I realized that I am strong.  Yep I said it.  I mean really strong.  Physically I am gaining strength every day.  Mentally I have been but stopped myself. The workout that we did today was very difficult.  Basically we moved for 15 minutes straight.  Moving from set to set.  No breaks, just keep moving.  It was difficult.  It was hard.  But I kept going.  I did not allow myself to stop.  I just kept plugging through.  I just kept saying you are strong.  

That was an amazing feeling for me.  It was an empowering moment.  I loved the fact that simply put I can do it.  I love the challenge.  That is why running a marathon was in my sights.  I wanted to face the challenge head on.  I know that I am strong and that I will power through as I keep going .  I just need to work one day at a time.  


  1. Hooray for empowerment! Go Jenn go!! And I feel you on the sugar. It is a drug, and an addiction I fight constantly.

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