Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

That is the awful scale.  Most of us fear it, and I am no exception.

I have been successful with my weight loss so far, and then I stopped tracking, and left Weight Watchers.  Oops, bad mistake on my part.  So I decided after the marathon to go back.  So with my head held down for gaining 30 lbs I walked back into a meeting. 

Successes of The Week:
  1. I kept exercising, even though I can not run.  I started swimming again.
  2. I thought before putting food into my mouth.
  3. I drank more water.
  4. I ate more fruits and vegetables
Failures of The Week:
  1. Memorial Day weekend - many bbq's and not making the best choices
  2. Bridal Shower sweet treats tempting me
  3. Did not track at all this weekend
Official Weight in:
Down 3.6 lbs, not bad for my first week, and having a holiday weekend.

Lesson Learned:

By making mostly good choices, you can have bad days, but as long as good days out number the bad ones you will be successful.

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