Friday, June 10, 2011

Nice To Know Someone Is Listening

I can't believe that it is almost a month since I ran the Marathon.  What an experience.  I can remember finishing, thinking that there was no way I would ever do that again.  I don't think too many people, but I could be wrong, finish a marathon and immediately start thinking about the next one.  I guess that would be unless you love that distance. 

Have you noticed that as time passes you can remember things that were missed when you first though back.  I know that I wrote my race recap, but things a month later look a bit different, then when you are in the middle of running, or right after you are done.  I had the opportunity to sit down with Jack and Ralph Staph with the other Official Marathon Bloggers and talk about the race.  What a unique experience.  It is nice to talk about the good points and things that we would like to see changed. 

The experience of having a voice, and voicing my concerns is important.  Feeling like I am being heard is a great feeling.  Today I felt like my concerns were heard, and taken into consideration.  This is what makes the Cleveland Marathon different from other Marathons.  As a runner, I have the opportunity to communicate with people from that Marathon, and they hear us.  Not only do they have a Facebook page, they also have a presence on Twitter, where they run contests, reply to questions and forward out interesting information.  They also will send out emails with great information on them.

I am excited because I have decided that I am going to run the Cleveland Marathon or half marathon next year.  Being still unable to run, I have not decided which I want to tackle.  Either way I am going to love the experience.  I am looking forward to seeing just what happens as the time comes along for next years race, and what changes are made, because lets face it there are always changes! 

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  1. :) I completely agree. A few months ago I was a spectator at one of my husband's triathlons and one of his friends, who was doing it for the first time, said "Never again!" when he finished. As he was saying it, I knew it was not true and I am sure he knew it as well. He is preparing for his 2nd one as we speak... And I am sure the same thing will happen to me after my 1st marathon this Aug. These things are more addictive than drugs!!!


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