Wednesday, May 25, 2011

There Is More To Life Than Running

I have learned something today - Life is more than running.  What?  Can it be?  I guess I forgot about that, well not really.  Since January running has been on my mind almost constantly.  Either excited to get out there and run; frustrated because mother natures seems to hates Ohio; or scared out of my mind because I was attempting something new.  I scheduled my life around my running schedule.  I am not complaining about this one bit.  It was so exciting, I felt amazing just getting out there and accomplishing every little accomplishment along the way.

Since the marathon, I have found I have a new lesson to learn - dealing with an injury.  I am lucky I just have shin splints, but lets face it they suck.  First I am blonde, and have very little balance - walking around my small house, with toys everywhere, (btw most of the toys have wheels, or are round since my boys love cars, and trains and balls) that becomes not only difficult, but I am pretty sure if you had a hidden camera around my house I would win lots on America's Funniest Home Videos.  I had given them up, feeling good, ok so such a wrong idea - I still need to heal more before giving up the crutches, so out they came again. 

Now that I can not run comes another problem - what should I do.  I am not supposed to put weight on my leg, but now Mother Nature finally decides to bless us with nice weather - and I want to be outside, walking, playing, at the zoo, or at the park or even dare I say it running.  It is perfect weather.  Unfortunately all of these require one thing - putting weight on my leg - not such a good idea.  I decided to try the stationary bike, not bad, but I need to figure out how to adjust it properly - guess next time I need to ask.

On a serious note, I found a cure for my depression - running.  That sucks because obviously I have been benched.  This is the first time an injury has done this to me, and I don't know what to do.  As Dave pointed out to me, I am being tested.  I wish I could have studied for this test, I hate these pop tests!  So I am figuring out how to do this, how to deal with these feelings?

One of the things I did to help was to volunteer at a water stop for the Weight Watcher's Walk it day.  That was so much fun.  I loved encouraging everyone to keep going and believe in themselves.  I am looking forward to volunteering or spectating at other races.  When it comes to Spectating, I know that I have to take some help from Redhead Running because with her injuries, she has taken spectating to a new level.  I also love reading her blog because she is so positive, it is hard not to be positive after reading it. 

Finally I guess I need to take life one day at a time.  I am hoping that I will find some other cross training things to do soon so that I can stay active.  I started weight watchers again and I know that will help.  I know that I don't have to be perfect, lets face it that would be boring.  I simply need to figure out how to keep my head up and realize that everything happens for a reason, I can either accept it, or I can work with it and learn from it.  Wish me luck because it will not be easy, then again nothing ever is.

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  1. Recover well jenn. Indeed, there are more to life than just running. We have all been there once in our life, perhaps twice, some thrice ;-)

    A balance is very difficult to balance -work, life, swim, bike, run.

    Keep the chin up and keep moving forward! :)


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