Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May In Review

I guess you can say that May did not quite end up like I thought it would.  Honestly I thought I would finish the Marathon, and running the entire time, in 4 hours 30 min or so.  I would then start recovery runs the next week.  The plan was for my next race to be June 5th - the Warrior Dash.  Well that did not happen.

In the Month of May I had many firsts:
  1. I completed my first Taper.  That was a weird feeling.  Tons of emotions, and lots of extra energy that I was not used to having
  2. I completed a marathon.  Yep not running in, but limping, never the less it was a finish.
  3. I ended up on crutches.  Never before in my life have I ever used crutches, and honestly quite a funny site.
  4. Took my first Yoga class.  If you have not done so I highly recommend it because it is completely amazing.
My stats for May:
Running miles:                  51 Miles
Swimming miles:                 2 Miles
Biking miles:                       8 Miles
Walking miles:                     1 Mile
Yoga Classes:                      2

So while May was not "perfect" in how exactly I thought it would be, there were some amazing things that happened.  I found my way back into the pool  I love swimming and being in the pool is a great feeling.  I also found my way back to weight watchers.  Keep an eye out for the Weigh In Wednesday to hear about how that is going.  I learned that I love yoga, and feel great when I do it.

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