Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well here is my race Recap - The best way to write it is divide it into the Good - The Indifferent and The Ugly and of course the Thank You's.

This experience was one of the best in my life.  I can say that this was not a perfect, it did not go as planned.  When Dave was able to finally able to make it through the crowd to come up to meet us, I lost them almost immediately.  I honestly thought I would never see them until after they crossed the finish line.  I found them again, but I lost supportive words to keep them going.

I had so many different feelings through out the marathon.  I loved when I felt strong during the first half.  I embraced the struggles when the runners and the crowd thinned out.  I started crying when I struggled walking at the end.  I felt guilty when I left and lost Dave and Jodi the second time.

It was not a perfect run, but no matter what happened I am a Marathoner and no one can take that away from me.  Here is the best way to summarize the events of the day. 

The Good:  
  • I am a marathoner.  I completed 26.2 miles.  I set out to be a marathoner, and now I am

I completed the race

We may not have had a perfect race - but we are all Marathoners!
  • Jodi made me a name bib from Races2Remember It had my name and my favorite running quote - Suck It Up Cupcake!  Every time I started to get a doubt in my head - I just remembered my quote, and kept going
    • I had so many people along the root cheering me on telling me when I started slowing down to Suck It Up.  That helped me keep going.
The Bib Jodi made me

    • I saw Morgan on the course, and she was cheering me on!  They were such great supporters - the best in the crowd!
    • At the end of the race about miles 24 or so I found a wonderful partner to run with.  We talked and kept both of our spirits up and crossed the finish line together.
    Approaching the Finish Line

    • The crowd on the first half of the course was amazing.  Supportive, kept the energy high.  
    • All of the volunteers working the water stops and course were great.  They were so supportive through the whole race, even in the rain and the cold.  I tried my hardest to thank everyone of them that were there.
    • All in all this was a great look at the City of Cleveland.  The first half of the run was much more beautiful than the second, but this was the best way for me to see the city.
    • We got to meet some great bloggers before the run.  Everyone was so supportive. 
    Bloggers Ready to take on the Race
      The Indifferent

      •  I am not sure how to qualify this, but I ran the course alone, for the most part.  I lost Dave and Jodi at the beginning, found them and lost them again.  I was tracking them on my phone so I knew that they were still out there.  
      • After the half marathon separation point there was not many people out at all, probably because of the rain I would have to guess, but still would have made the course better, especially since it thinned out at that point.
      • Since I was towards the end of the race everyone was cleaning up the water stops.  I understand why, but it made me feel slow.
      • There was a drizzle the entire time we were running, I felt completely wet the entire time.
      • Trying to figure out how to run the entire time, after mile 15 starting to have troubles with my head.  I was able to over come it most of the time.  
      The Bad
      • I seemed to find all of the pot holes that were not filled in on the course.
      • Running next to Lake Erie was cold, windy and smelly, I had to dodge many dead fish that splashed up on the path.  I thought a couple of times I would be sick
      • Mile 22 I ended up with bad pains in my left leg, shin splints and cramps.  I could barely walk, let alone run.  I did my best to move and run, but it was difficult.
      • I felt sick after and had to head to Medical.  I could barely walk in or out.  I gave my husband my cell phone at the end so I was alone and scared at some points walking back since I was limping so bad.
      • Wondering the entire time where Jodi and Dave were, I feel I should have stayed with them - wondering if I would do more harm or do good if I had stayed with them.
      • I ended up at the ER after the race, I could not put pressure on my leg at all.  I am on Crutches for the next week and slowly getting back out there to work out, and run
      Waiting in the ER


      Icing to help with the pain

      Thank You
      There are so many people that I need to thank for this experience. 
      First of all being an official blogger was an honor.  Being new to running I was surprised to be chosen to share my experiences.  I just hope that others will read this and know that they can do it too, and it is one of the most rewarding experiences they can experience.
      I want to thank Morgan, Jen, and Spike for coming in and being the best cheering squad.  You are amazing, and I can't wait to run again with you, and support you more during your training.
      It goes with out saying that all of the volunteers, at the expo and on the course were simply amazing.  They did not have the best conditions to work in, and yet they were still up beat and positive for all of the runners.  It made the run fun.  The same for all of the course entertainment, they put a big smile on my face the entire way.
      I want to thank Dave.  I just met Dave during training, and now can honestly say if I did not scare him to bad, I have found a great friend.  He is the most upbeat person you can meet.  He gives a pep talk when needed and wants you to shine.  There were many times during training that he knew exactly what to say to give me the confidence I need to finish strong.
      My family was amazing during this experience.  They gave me support.  My sons were excited to always hear about my runs.  My mother and father for being so proud of me.  My sister and her family for being there for me.  Of course my husband who had to do so much, from take care of me, listen to me cry and believe in me.  I am so blessed to have a wonderful support system all around me!
      Last but not least I have to thank Jodi.  I am a marathoner because of her, and I say that because she believed in me.  She set up our training schedule.  She challenged me during our long runs.  Jodi cheered me on the entire time.  For me Jodi is the one person I turned to when I was scared.  She helped me know that I can do anything that I put my mind to.  I could go on and on, but I think I will save that for another blog post.

      I have to say thank you to all who supported me through this adventure.  I have decided that this will not be my last marathon - next I will tackle Columbus.  More to come with that.


      1. Pure awesomeness! Congrats on becoming a marathoner. That is HUGE!!

        So sorry about the leg. Hope you get healed quickly. But even an injury can't take away from the fact that YOU RAN 26.2 MILES!!

      2. So glad to hear that this isn't your last marathon! Happy to hear how your race experience was, even if it wasn't perfect.Hopefully, those crutches treat you well and you will be back out there soon! Congrats again Marathoner!

      3. congrats on your finish! sorry your leg got hurt. rest up and you'll be back out again soon. well done you marathoner you!!!!

      4. First and foremost, CONGRATS on becoming a Marathon FINISHER!!! You did it! I loved seeing you at 12 you looked so good! I'm so sorry to hear the end turned out the way it did and I hope you get to feeling better soon! Crutches as you know are not my favorite things. Hugs!!!!

      5. Congrats!! I hope you heal up soon

      6. Oh no! I didn't know about the er trip. I hope its healing quickly and g youre feeling better. CONGRATS on finishing what turned out to be a harder than expected race!

      7. Congrats on becoming a marathoner!!! I hope that you are better soon!

        I ran the CLE marathon last year and the 2nd half of the course was like that for me as well (and it wasn't raining). I have decided to choose better supported races from her on out - those 2nd 13.1 miles are tough and to do them alone is even tougher.

        Columbus has a great course with lots of support!

        Hang in there! I hope that your leg is better soon!


      8. I hope you heal quickly! Many many congratulations on becoming a marathoner!


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