Sunday, May 8, 2011

Final Long Run

Today marks the final long run before I become a marathoner.  Yes this scares me in some ways, but as I know I now need to trust the training and finish mentally preparing.  The one thing I know is that I have the heart to finish it, I have trained well, and next week at this time I will be a Marathoner!  What an amazing accomplishment to say. 

Today was weird because the last time our "long run" was under 10 miles was in January.  This was the perfect Mother's Day gift.  Jodi and I planned on running at 7, but I over slept.  I am so glad that happened this week, and not next.  I think this happened mostly due to the fact that I had take NyQuil last night as my children shared there colds with me.  Colds and Allergies are not a great combo, especially when you need to breath.  So I texted Jodi this morning and changed our time to 7:30.  This worked out wonderfully since we were able to run with Deb and Melissa also. Jodi and I just met them during the Cleveland 10 miler, so running with them today was nice.

We love running at the Rocky River Metroparks.  If you have not run there yet, I highly recommend you do.  The course is beautiful, you can see all sorts of wild life as you run.  Being from Cleveland we have a wonderful resource in our Metroparks.  They are all perfect for runners.  We have run this course so many times I knew that we would hit our turn around point at the top of a hill, which for the first time, I was ready for, and actually looked forward to(don't tell Jodi)  Since the girls needed to continue out another mile, we stopped for a quick picture before heading back.

Yes this was my attempt to take a picture with my iPhone, and as you can see the sun was bright, gotta love the squint.  

The last 4 miles went by fast.  I felt strong, but was having some trouble breathing.  Yes, thank you for sharing with mommy boys.  I was able to get it under control, and not sound too much like Darth Vader, so that made me happy.  At the end I wanted to see what I could do.  I forgot to tell Jodi I was going to sprint, so I started to pick up the pace and finish strong.  I know that I want to cross the finish line strong, giving everything to the course.  I wanted to do the same for the end of this run.  

The last month I have got a medal at the end of each of my runs, and yes I like the bling.  I guess you can say I am medal oriented.  I have to say what I got at the end of this run was so much better.  Jodi surprised me with an Autographed copy of the Kara Goucher book - Running For Women.  She picked it up in Nashville, and had it autographed for me.  I was so excited for this and almost cried.  I can't wait to start reading it.  I am loving all of the different running books I can get my hands on.  They are great inspiration for a new runner like myself.  

Of course at the end we needed to take a picture:
We have come along way from our first training run in January
This run was so much warmer, as you can tell, and we are so ready for next week.  

This week is going to be an easy mileage week in preparation for the Marathon on Sunday.  I am looking forward to some easy miles to let my legs rest up.  After watching the Video Tour of the course that was put out by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, I am so excited for my next adventure.  The task at hand for this week:  Make sure I am Hydrated; Get Plenty of Sleep; Eat Properly; Get Rid Of This Cold.  Once I do all of that, I will be ready to Rock Cleveland!


  1. Did you forget I read your blog? Totally busted on the hill!! So glad you liked the book! I thought it was the perfect alternative to a medal. Good job today! Enjoy this last week before the marathon!!

  2. I love your attitude! I am currently training for my first marathon and I find your optimism sooo inspiring! Good luck at the race & I can not wait to read the review.

  3. Yay! I can't wait for you to run the marathon. It is going to be super fun! Enjoy this last week and after this you will be a marathoner for the rest of your life!
    P.S. I love the ROcky River metroparks too. It's probably on eon emy favorite things about the westside

  4. Have a blast in Cleveland, enjoy your reward for all your hard work!!!


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