Sunday, September 12, 2010

My First Half Marathon

Today marks the day that I became a Half Marathoner.  I can honestly say that was not something I would have ever imagined that I would ever say, but I did.  What a great race.  I had a strong pacer, Jodi was amazing.  She kept inspiring me, even at the end.  At the 13 mile mark I thought I did not have the energy or ability to take another step, but I did, obviously.

Coming into today I set goals.  The first is to run the entire thing, and I did that.  Second was a time goal.  First I set that at 2:30, then after my 10 Miler, changed that to 2:15.  Well I accomplished both, when I finished in 2:06, at a pace of 9:33 per mile, not sure where that came from, but I did it!  I accomplished both of my goals, and I am so proud that I did that.

I started out this morning just like every other morning I run.  I felt great, I actually felt ready, that was until I pulled into the parking lot and could not find my safety pins.  I mean, this is not my first race how could I lose them.  After searching the car I gave up and walked over to the bus that was taking us to the start.  I liked the fact that our bus driver was funny, but hated the fact that the ride was terrible, and took forever. 

Of course like any other run with Jodi, we have to see intersting people.  Like the guy wearing a mesh shirt rocking a purple head band...  OMG interesting.  But after getting ready we head over to the start line.  I got to meet some amazing people along the way and hear there story.  I started to get some butterflies.  I actually wanted to back out but I knew I couldn't. 

I started out the race with my ear buds in and just started running.  I tried to stayed focus, and not think about what I was doing.  On a normal day it would not have bothered me, but with everyone around it did.  I felt good, and I just kept going.  Jodi helped warn me about obsticals in my path, since I am not known for grace.   I was amazed that Jodi would sprint up, and then run backward to take pictures. 

I felt good the entire race.  I felt strong, and I knew at that point I could  accomplish anything.  But then all of a sudden I started to feel it.  About mile 12 I felt like I was running out of steam, guess I should have had another gel at that point, but Jodi kept encouraging me, and I kept going.

At mile 13 I started to wonder if Brian and the kids were at the finish.  So I just kept running storng, as strong as I possibly could.  I saw the finish and Jodi told me to sprint.  I kept saying I couldn't but I did.  I finished it.  I crossed the finish line, then I ran right for the water.  After chugging the water I texted Brian to find him.  He missed me finishing, but he was there and that made me feel great. 

We finished in a great time.  I was so proud to finish. 

We Did It!

My boys and I after the race

Of course, when I got home I did my ice bath.  I am glad I did, even though now I feel great!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Entertaining Morning

I have to say that today was the most entertaining run I have ever had.  For some reason when Jodi and I run together we see some of the most interesting people along the way.  While nothing will top the interesting see through Spandex man, today was close. 

The run was great.  To be able to run with a friend, and keep a good pace, and talk while running is amazing.  The miles flew by and it did not feel like I was running at all.  I love that, to not be concentrating on the miles, until the end, after my minute buzzer goes off then I know I am close and then it goes through my mind.

I have to admit I love this weather for running.  I felt great, and did not feel over exhausted as I started the run.  I was able to keep up a good pace.  I feel confident that next week will go well.  I feel that I am ready and I am excited.  So this is the goals for the week - get to bed early, watching what I am eating, yep back to tracking (which I should have never stopped doing), and making sure that I drink my water.

But on to the entertaining part of this run.  So at first Jodi almost got run over by a biker who I guess could not let us know that he was passing.  And there was the deer that scared us.  He was cute, but it was too funny.  And the guy behind us had to check out the deer too.

I think the weather brought out everyone.  First was the "gaggle of runners" and they were interesting.  I thought that they were going to run us over.  Other than a race I  don't think I have ever seen that many runners together.  Behind them was the amazing woman.  She was pushing 2 bigger toddlers, maybe 3 and 5 or something like that.  She did not even look like she was out of breath.  Oh yea and there was her hubby running next to her.

Next we found the prancing runner.  She was running on her tip toes.  I could not believe it.  She looked like she was trying to run and do ballet at the same time.  Right after we passed her we found the smiling man.  He was a little too happy to be running.  I cant believe how big of a smile he had on his face.  After him was the happy, prancing man.  He was smiling, wearing spandex and prancing instead of running.

I wonder what I am doing wrong, because I don't have the biggest smile when I am running.  I am concentrating on the run.  And I run like I have led in my feet, and don't prance on my toes.  Oh well I am new at running, maybe that comes with time.

After we passed these interesting people, we hit the "gaggle of hikers/walkers"  and I was so bad because the first thing that came to my mind was that the mall was closed.  It was scary to see them heading towards us.  We moved over and waited to see how long it would take for them to pass us.

As we were finishing up came the "gaggle of Bikers"  It was scary seeing that they were coming right towards us.  I looked at Jodi and commented that the only thing that we did not see was a "gaggle of Geese" and then I looked over and there they were.

I have to admit we saw everything this morning.  So much fun.  Next week on to my half marathon...  I am excited.  I know that will be an amazing experience

Keep on Running!  I know I will

Friday, September 3, 2010

Where Did I Derail?

I have been feeling off track a lot lately.  I feel better about the fact that I am not losing the weight like I feel I should, but I am still feeling just out of sorts.  It is not a good situation to be in.  I am coming to the point where I am not motivated to go run.  Then when I get out there I struggle every mile.  I do not have any motivation, and that makes running difficult.  The heat that is out there does not help either.

Then I have found that I am struggling when it comes to eating.  I am making good decisions, but I am not tracking or weighing or measuring.  I know better.  I know that this means I am not going to have a good week when it comes to the scale this week.  I have a feeling that has part of the problem when it comes to my motivation. 

I have to start to do something new.  I have to figure out what I am doing wrong.  The good news- I am still eating healthy foods.  I may not have the correct portion, but I am making good decisions and not falling too far off the wagon.  I also find that when it comes to making bad decisions I have a conscience and I am not doing that, so that is a good thing.

I have also found that another problem I am running against is the feeling that I am falling apart, and exhausted all of the time.  Again that has to be because everything is just off track.  I just don't know what to do.  I need to get back on track, but how.  I know that my water intake is low.  But the question is where to start.

Well first I know I need to focus on drinking water.  I need to get back on track there.  So that is the first choice I am making.  Secondly back to tracking, weighing, measuring and counting my points.  I gave up, and I am just not sure why.  However I know that I need to start doing that again, I know I will feel better.  Lastly, I need to go to bed at a more reasonable time.  I need my sleep.  I think that these will help me to feel better and then to do something amazing feel better when it comes to running. 

I am ready to get back on track.  My body is ready for me to get back on track.  There is one good thing that came of this.  I know I am strong.  I understand what happened.  Life happened.  I am sure that this will happen again.  I can't get upset.  I can't get depressed.  I just need to take a deep breath and push the rest button.  So that is exactly what I am going to do.  I am pushing rest.  I am going to start new.  I am going to continue down the right path.

I need this!!! 
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